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Inclusion & societal issues

Community cohesion

Equality & understanding


DICE is a project initially funded by Social Investment Business to design and build educator workshop training packages to address social and engagement issues for employers, support organisations and statutory bodies to help them understand and manage current and emerging challenges and legislation with a strong focus on how to address the barriers young people face in today's social and economic climate.

Our focus areas are: 


>intergenerational communication between adults and young people


> prejudice, assumptions - how diversity works and current legislation


>break downing barriers that make employers reluctant to recruit


>supporting young people to stay in work and employers to retain them


>support for employers with cultural and worksforce changes 


We are now developing our training offer and will be launching DICE as a bespoke training package in 2020

For more information, or to be part of the project please contact Jacqui@lolastaffordconsulting.co.uk 

07806 392254

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